Monday, January 07, 2008

I Heart American Gladiators

Ok, I'll admit it...I've been looking forward to this show ever since the announcement that it would be making a return to TV. I watched the 80's/early 90's version all the time as a kid, I knew the Gladiators (that's right...capitalized to show respect) by name, and absolutely loved watching average weekend-warrior types take on mulleted, scary-huge super-athletes. I have to say, I was not disappointed by the first episode last night. I LOVED it. I've read some criticism...namely that the Hulk and Laila Ali are crap hosts, the interviews are very scripted and annoying, and that the camera jumps around too much. I hope that the Hulkster and Ali get better (hey, it was the first episode), and I hope they lose a lot of the interview crap and settle down with the camera. Those points aside, I thought it ROCKED. First of all, I don't remember the hits being so vicious in Powerball, but it looked super, super painful last night to see dudes getting mauled over and over by a guy named Wolf. Secondly, the Pyramid might have been the greatest thing ever. Where else on TV can I watch a 6'3" huge bodybuilder actually pick up and throw a 5'7", 150lb dude off a pyramid...repeatedly? Keep in mind this pyramid is made entirely of gym mats and is 30'ft high. Phenomenal.

I would also like to touch on something I haven't seen mentioned yet, either in blogs or on the American Gladiators message board (yeah...I'm that sick people, get over it). The first women's final was the most unintentionally hilarious thing ever. I've never seen two people look so freakin' exhausted attempting to complete feats of strength in my life. I'm pretty sure Venus (the normal woman who won) face-planted AT LEAST twice. Additionally, having to swim, run, climb and wallow on gym mats makes for some AMAZING post-race hair. I'm just sayin'. Needless to say, American Gladiators has already been Tivo'd.


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